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My daughter has dizzy spells and passes out

Teenage girls and sometimes boys often have symptoms of having light headedness or dizzy spells especially when they stand up from a sitting or lying position. They usually have palpitations - feeling of racing heart. Sometimes they might have syncopal attacks - passing out due to lack of blood supply to brain. Before passing out they might feel warm, sweaty and may look pale. They pass out only for a few seconds. Rarely, they may have seizures - shaking of limbs as well but usually come around quickly. This is due to abnormal functioning of the nervous system which controls heart rate and blood pressure. Most teenagers don’t drink enough and often skip breakfast as well which worsens the condition

Seek advice, in case of:

  1. Passing out while doing exercise

  2. Chest pain

  3. Early morning headache and vomiting

  4. Behavioural changes / mood disturbance

  5. Family h/o sudden cardiac death in a young adult

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