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Why does my child often gets tummy pain?

1 in 10 children often presents to a doctor for recurrent abdominal pain. These usually happen around belly button, lasts for a few minutes and does not affect their routine life style. Normally they do not wake up from their sleep with pain. Typically they complain in the morning before going to school. One of the commonest causes is Constipation.


  1. Coeliac disease (gluten allergy)

  2. Abdominal migraine

  3. Irritable bowel syndrome

  4. Functional abdominal pain syndrome

Seek advice, in case of:

  1. acute onset and very severe pain

  2. loss of weight/ appetite

  3. blood in stools

  4. waking up with pain in sleep

  5. change in the bowel habits

  6. associated with nausea, vomiting or looking pale